Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kini Big Deal about Siasia's N3M/Month Salary?

Oh yeah! What's the big deal? 

What's all the noise about Siasia earning N3M/month? When did we start hating to love ourselves so much? I know we can draw similarities from Europe, though we have seen some of them employing austerity measures, but common.

Siasia for all i care has got more to offer Nigerians than the so-called honourable Senators in Abuja, even more than Mr. Goodluck Jonathan with due respect. If there is anything that makes Nigerians genuinely happy and love to be called "Nigerian", it is the success of the Super Eagles. For me, what makes Nigerians happy is all that matters.

You can not blame a people for seeking solace in football, when everything else in the country smacks of sorrow and hopelessness.

Samson Siasia will earn $20,000 a month if he accepts the Nigeria Football Federation’s (NFF) offer to handle the Super Eagles for the next four years. Surprisingly, some people have come out to say it is too much. I bet Siasia's annual salary doesn't come near to the take home of an obscure senator in a month in the National Assembly who since 2007 has contributed nothing of note to national development.

“Siasia actually asked for a sign-on fee of $1million, monthly salary of N15 million, a house, a brand new car with a driver and a cook too. He was accompanied by his lawyer in the discussion with the board.

“After much pressure he reduced the amount to N12 million but the board said they can't pay more than N2million but later increased it to N3millon.

“He however said he would come back to meet with us after his CAF Champions League assignment in Egypt with Heartland.

“He cited the contracts of Lars Largerback, the one of Berti Vogts and Shuaibu Amodu too. He said he is coming to handle a national team and he is confident and ready to do a good job so his case should not be different,” a top NFF official said.

Another official said: “Sincerely speaking, I think the N3 million is too small compared with what others before him were paid.

“But there is now a three-man committee set up by the board to discuss with his lawyer on the way forward.”?

I will wager on siasia. He's better than all the people mentioned above. Its simple, siasia has achieved more for Nigeria than any of the above mentioned names. The NFF should motivate him to perform. That N3/M is too meagre for the burden of responsibility. We all can recall how Siasia funded the under-20 team with his personal money. Let's not put him in a situation where he'll have to do that again. I believe if Siasia is given a free hand and enough time, we all will be happy with the outcome.

Lagerback took home $300,000 (about N45 million) for each of the five months he was in charge of the Eagles, while Shuaibu Amodu was on N2million a month . Amodu was also entitled to double the players' win bonuses. Now, can someone tell me what the heck is so special about Lars Lagerback? Is it just the skin? How can you have such a difference in pay for two men doing the same job.

Gimme a break! Common Sia One. You are the man!

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