Thursday, December 07, 2006

South Africa 2010: Africa Gets 6 Slots

Africa's chances of winning the 2010 world cup in South Africa has just been boosted. This follows the increase of the3 number of slots for Africa from 5 to 6.

This means that apart from south Africa who has authomatic qualification as host, four other teams will have the opportunity of donning their country's Jerseys at the Mundial.

Many think this might be the chance Africa was waiting for. But will it be properly utilized? The previous edition saw Africa being represented by feeble contenders. I do not try to say that they shouldn't have been allowed to represent Africa because
I must respect that.

However, one can not say that Africa's representatives in the previous edition, was goog enough to be proud of. But Africa should seize these opportunity as host and having 6 reprentatives for the first time in History to put smiles on our faces.
With six representatives, can Africa make an impact? Comments please.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Man U and the Larsson Coup. Can It Ease The Title Race?

We all woke up the hear that Sir Alex Ferguson has secured a Loan deal to bring the Former Barcelona FC ace to the Theater of Dreams. For me this is a coup as he didn;t want to wait for January. A good move you may say owing to the fact that Man U is in critical need of options at the bench. But can this give the much needed assurances for the title race? Larsson to many is a spent force. Sir must have been convinced by his last minute heroics at the last champions league final. It sure takes an excellent player to do that. But can he still pull such stunts? He has been relatively quite since exiting Barca. What's your opinion?Let's hear you at the Forum.;topicseen#msg116 .

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Globalcom Outbids MTN for Premier League Rights

Good times seems to be here for the Nigerian League at last. This is interesting. Many thanks to MTN. I bet Globalcom wouldn't have offered what it is offering now if MTN did not come up with that threat. Our people says " If a son does not pretend to want to sleep with his father's wife, the father wouldn't get him his own wife'.

While i am hailing MTN's alleaged threat, i am happy that the current sponsors have finally seen a reason to up their bid.

From what i heard the Communication giant is ready to up MTN's offer by 10%. Yhummy!

But it is now time for all to put hands together to force the NFA to do something usefull with the amount they would get from this deal.
I hope they will.
This dicussion still hots up in the forum.

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