Friday, June 29, 2007

Can English Players Flourish In Arsenal?

Every Club seems to have its own favoured kind of players and many have said black players can't make it in at Old Trafford.
Similar arguement is now makig the rounds and many have said that it will take a miracle for an English player to make it in Arsenal. This is precipitated by Lampard's recent call out that English clubs should develop English talents.
Arsenal is know to be the premiership club with the least number of English players in it's first team. In reserve may be more but the first team definately have more french speaking players both of African and European decent than in any other team. Currently, apart from Theo walcot and Hoyte, no other English player is found in the gunners team. These two however are not regular. In the last two champions league when Arsenal knocked out Juventus and Real madrid, they are reputed to have done so without a single English player.
The arguement therefore is not misplaced.
In this case i wish to defer. Without going too far to start mentioning English players that have been so successful both at the pre wenger period and even under wenger, should call us all to remeber that until just last two seasons, Ian Wright an English player remained Arsenal's greatest player with 185 goals for the club. Wright was more than a success and so I wonder if this people ever remember there was ever a player called Ian.

Unfortunately we see less of these English players now. But can you blame Arsene? Maybe we'll see more of them. Ofcourse when English players start going for the right price.

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