Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nigerian Football Fans Will Not Accept Oliseh

"The FA has been and will always be the bane of our football, i think these peoples' brains are in their anuses, they employed Voghts, gave him an impossible contract, did not know how to sack him and now prefer Amokachie (with respect to him) over Keshi. I remember Keshi's zero tolerance for the FA's inept handling of football matters way back in his playing days, and i think that is why they do not want him but would rather want an Amokachie who will not rock the boat. When will the FA relegate their personal gains to our common gain in football matters?
by Oluwole (A forum member)

Apart from Prefering Amokachi, they are also considering Sunday Oliseh and shamefully, a section of Nigerian sports writers are clamouring and singing Oliseh's praises. The same Sunday Oliseh who called our bluff in this country, and even had to be banned from the National team by the late Ishaya Mark Aku for misconduct. The way the press is going, it is as if we all have Amnesia and have all forgotten the kind of insult Oliseh gave to Nigerians when he was needed.

I wonder whether it is what they intend to get from him that is causing this. They say, the devil you know is better than the Angel you don't know. I would even prefer an Amokachi to Oliseh, based on the fact this is one man who usually gave all without grudge. He never insulted our sensibilities throughout. We behave in this country as if we do not have a histroy. A country without history is inexistent.

Let Oliseh go back to his job in Belguim for all I care. The NFA should make a choice between Keshi, Amokachi and even Westerhoof if still available.

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