Friday, February 01, 2008

Samuel Eto’o; Now Second To None

Before Samuel Eto’o played his first game of the on going AFCON in Ghana, we were all looking forward to the fact that if Eto’o succeeded in scoring just one goal he would have equal the record of being only the second person in the championship history to have scored so many goals in the competition. Sixteen in total.

Eto’o has since gone ahead to do that and even exceeded it and has created a new all time scoring record. Samuel Eto’o for me is Africa’s most lethal striker in history and the fact that he has achieved this isn’t too much of a surprise to me.

Eto’o has achieved so much as a footballer and I was really baffled when he was short listed among the top three for 2006 African Footballer Of the Year Award despite staying out of action following a knee surgery for about 12 weeks on the sidelines. Now that was something.

As it is Samuel Eto’o is set to create a record that may take a long time before anyone could get close when one consider that Eto’o is still very young with many more years waiting for him. I can say that baring every unforeseen circumstances like injury and sudden drop in form, Eto’o may still appear in two more African Nations Cup competition and if this happens, records that may take decades to equal just could be on the way.

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Domain Registration

Someone called me yesterday wanting to register a domain name. After five minutes on phone with this fellow, I realized most netpreneurs are yet to have a full grasp of the line of business they have ventured into.

The business of web hosting and domain registration usually comes together and people who plan to go into it should try to find out about the business before they go into it.

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Since your aim is to make profit, you’ll also need a company with low rates and fast support.

Some people think that owning a website is just buying a domain name they are done. That’s not true. After owning a domain name, you’ll need web hosting and then get you site designed and hosted on this server. Then and only then you can claim to own a website.

Ghana Vs Nigeria: Preview (Ghana 2008)

Really I am surprised the Ghanaians are rating Nigeria so high. As a Nigerian I want the super Eagles to get past Ghana but within me I don’t think we can achieve it. We have not been inspiring enough. There are so many reasons why I don’t think we can get past the Black stars.

So I was confused to hear that Abedi Pele is having sleepless nights about Ghana Playing Nigeria as he was afraid Ghana could be knocked out of the championship by Nigeria. That would be a big blow for the Ghanaians especially as host country. The entire country is looking at their team winning this cup and if the worse comes to worst, get to the final at least but losing in the quarter Finals will sure be unbearable to the Ghanaian populace.

I don’t mean to say Nigeria has nothing to offer. But we have all watched the Super Eagles play against Ivory Coast and Mali.

We have watched them struggle to beat the weeping boys of Group B (Benin), do you think that team you saw has what it takes to beat a highly motivated side like Ghana playing at home?

This is what I think. Definitely a game between these two is like a game between Nigeria and Cameroon. The Ghanaians are not going to rely on the fact that oh! We beat them 5-1 in a friendly game therefore we can do same. The Ghanaians have their eyes on the trophy and they also know that to do that, Nigeria is one obstacle they must overcome. The super Eagles have a way of springing surprises and with their performance so far, there is a chance they may be slightly underrated by the Ghanaians. This will be disastrous if it happens.

Injuries will particularly favour no one over the other. Osaze who has been most inspiring for the Super Eagles will be out due to suspension and on the Ghanaians side, I think I also heard Appiah will be out.

What the Eagles have in attack, the Ghanaians have in midfield. The Eagles’ defense is one of the best in this competition haven conceded just once in three games. The Ghanaians also have a good record in this department. However, there is a likely return of Kanu Nwankwo for Nigeria; one player I know the Ghanaians dread so much (if fit to play). The victory against Benin surely increased confidence in the Super Eagles camp and could fire them up in the game.

Despite all these the Ghanaians still look more likely to carry the day. Most bookmakers give it to Ghana. However, if the Black stars under rate these Eagles, they will surely pay for it.

So who do you think will win? Vote Now!

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