Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nigerian Football Association (NFA)and The Nigerian Football League (NFL)

To many including my self, the NFA has come to be synonymous with Inefficiency, unprofessionalism and problem saddled. A few years ago, we woke up to hear of a sponsorship deal sealed between the NFA and Nigeria's second national carrier Globalcom. A deal many thought was the lease of fresh air badly needed as at the time. Ofcourse, the league was never attractive for investors and in my opinion it still isn't.

We all agree that the amount comming into the league was infinitesimal as compared to what is actually needed to raise the standard.

Then the MTN proposal. MTN, Africa's most profitable telecommunication network, is said to have proposed a N550m per season for 4 season deal compared to Globalcom's N100m per season offer.

This amount, said to be the highest in Africa, even higher than what CAF has been able to get from the same firm for the glamorous CAF Champions League, is an eye popping amount and can lead to miscalculations in the magnitude we are withnessing currently in the NFL.

While we are all very happy that atlast, that amount of money is comming into the league, we are also aware of the fact that a contract no matter how lopsided it may later appear should be seen to it's logical conclussion
The debate is, does the NFL have any moral justification to hand the league sponsorship to MTN . Do they not? Please let's hear your views.

This is the current debate on Naija Football Fans Forum.

Join us there!

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