Friday, November 10, 2006

Nigerian Arsenal Fans

This week hasn't been a very good time for Arsenal fans across the globe.Reason is not far fetched. Haven played those matches without a win and now capped with a loss against west ham, it is not the best of times for them.
So it might not be wise tyo expect an objective answer from them at this time.
Shd Arsene Wenger have reacted the way hr reacted. That's the new issue on naija football fans.
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Sportingo said...


This blog is a fantastic perspective for global football fans. I would love to hear more about football fans in Nigeria.

Would you be interested in publishing any of your articles?

All the best,

Emmanuel E Ekanem said...

Thanks mitchelle,
As you can see, this blog i s very new. Though its essence is being achieved jugded by the acceptance.I however have no ojection about publishing my articles depending on where you want them published.It will be good exposure what what we are building here.
Thanks for the comment.

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