Sunday, November 12, 2006

Should Arsenal Fans Morn All The Time?

This is the question being used currently to taunt Arsenal Fans in Nigeria. This taunting has existed for long now and I must say that those a little weak in spirit have had to yield to it by moving on to either support Manchester United or Chelsea recently.

Many left with the excuse that Arsenal gives too much 'Heart Attack'.

This feeling can not be said to be limited to fans in Nigeria Alone and so it puts much preasure on the team to succeed this term. This success will mean nothing if it does not come in form of triumph in the league and most especially The Champions league. Many still believe that the gunners can get it right this time especially if they work on the foundation of their champions league final action of last season.

This evening they take on liverpool. With United and chelsea already clear for this weekend, Arsenal needs to send a statement to all and assure the Fans in Nigeria that they mean business this time.
On the forum today , the debate is, Can arsenal Get it right this time?

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