Saturday, November 04, 2006

NIgerian Football Fans First Online Home Lunched

Atlast the yearnings of Nigerian football fans all
over the world find an answer.There are a couple of
forums online where football is dicussed and
partaking in these forums have been the norms in my
many years of internet voyage. However while users
are usually satisfied with these forums,Nigerians
(like my self) actually needed something that gave
some preference to our own football back home. We
Nigerians are know to be costodians of many lofty
ideas in various life endeavours with football not
being an exception.
I then reseaned thus: If we had a community where
Nigerians at home and in the diaspora can dedicate
time and energy on issues that has to do with our
hailing football, maybe at last, we just might find a
solution to the perenial crisis in our football house
and in extension a solution to all our football woes.
Beside it could also serve as a veritable means to
enjoy ones self and it could just be one of the rare
cases of mixing business with pleasure.These reseasoning
however gave bith to Nigeria's
foremost online football community: .Naija football Fans is not
just another online forum.Proffessionally runed and
managed by it's administrators, it is set to be the
biggest online craze in the history of football in
Nigeria.Just 4 days old,already has an unprecedented
membership sign up that is a pointer of its
acceptance by Nigerians who are who regard football
as another religion. as designed has a potpury
of discussion boards, among several inovative forums
you would appreciate only by signing up.
For me the promoter, i am braced up for the
challenges, knowing how demanding We nigerians are.It
just makes it more interesting.Nevertheless, i am
happy that at last, our teeming football fans at home
and in the diaspora now have a home wholely dedicated
to football.

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