Monday, November 13, 2006

The NFA Should Let The Super Eagles Coach Settle

Come tommorrow, i feature a difficult question on this blog. But today i wish to bring an issue that has putting football fans of Nigerian origin on the edge for months now.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria to me has siezed to be super . Not because they have lost their superiority to anyone but for the fact that, we have been missing in virtually all the action as far as international football is concerned.
This is not right for a team that dreams of winning the 2010 world cup. I can almost hear you say 'who told you that?' Well nobody told me that but i know that if there shall ever exist a time when Nigerians shall expect the super eagles to take a shot at the world cup it shall be come 2010 period!

This is not to predict doom.But lets take a look at this from a different perspective.
Apart from the fact that Super Eagles players are no longer featuring in Big Club sides as it use to be, (relative to our African brothers like cote d' voir and Ghana) we are also lacking behind in the area of coaching. Now don't get me wrong. let me land.I am definatlely not among the people who want Eguavoen sacked at all cost. As a matter of fact, i believe so much in his abilities. Afterall Frank Rykaard can't claim to have played football so so far away from what cerezo has attained.

My point however is that, no coach, not even Rykaard or the magical Jose will do well in the condition Eguavoen is working.

A coach who is pepertually reminded that he is about to be replaced can never work with a perspective. Coaching to get results need planning which should not be thwarted. Coaching needs dedication and the coach should be assisted to build a lasting relationship with the players as well as management.
But in our case the coach is being owed several month's salaries. Yet against this rough terrain which is enough distraction itself, the coach is being given reasons not to dream with the team.

I wish to use this medium to put to the NFA that no foreign coach no matter how much he is paid will work with the patriotism a Nigerian Coach will. So it is high time the FA settled down and allow Eguavoen to also settle down in order to deliver on his mandate.

I wonder despite the fact that we, including our football administartors, love these foreign leagues so much, we never try to emulate what we see in those leagues. This predicates tomorrow's article. Till then.For now let see what nigerians are saying on the Forum

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