Monday, November 06, 2006

All hail Naija Man U Fans !!

I'm just realising how difficult blogging is! Or do i say writting.While I like the art of writing, i sure don't appreciate having to write every day.

So i actually feel like telling you to stop comming to this blog expecting to read something knew everyday. If not that i'm a die hard critic and perfectionist, i would have just let the stuff on this blog go stale.Yet i know what i'd say about anyone who does that. See? The life of a critic! I'm I trapped!

Then you start thinking, the saying that it is a thousand times easier to criticise than to create is incorrect. As i am finding out, it is far more difficult to criticise than to create. Think.Yeah right. I create quit easily and if I wasn't such a stunch critic of everything and anything, I probably wouldn't be here pounding away on my notebook keys writting about what i don't even think would be coherent enough to force a comprehension from the most brilliant of my readers. So if you would just do me a favour and stop comming back to this blog. I'd been more relax. But you wouldn't, and so i have to keep trying to please you.

See? Critics are afraid of being criticised. So they work their ass out trying to be perfect (something that is impossible).That's my transition.

I'm not complaining though.Just appreciating my task.

Now back to the cause of this lamentation. I am starting to have a change of opinion. My forum Naijafootballfans is putting me so much in the center of things. I am not just disapponted at Arsenal's perfomance against West Ham yesterday, but totally pissed, i mean amazed by the attitude of the fans. I had thought that being known as the most vocal (not garrulous) of fans, that Naija Football Fans was going to be taken over by them. Rather, Naija Red Devils have just been the ones living up.
I bet they are about to set another 2 decade record after Sir's.

This is a challenge to Arsenal, Chelsea and more.....
In the mean time i duff my hat to all the Man U Fans on the forum.
Till tomorrow. 'cause i know you'll be back.

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