Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nigerian Football Fans Forum Keeping it Original

After spending so much time and money setting up face6.My pet project which is still undergoing more work.... I could not believe that Naija Football Fans Forum would have taken so little time to complete. It was as if i wasn't ready when i was ready. It now takes most of the time i spend online.

I went back home yesterday and for the first time i was thinking through out the night. What issues i'm i going to bring up on Naijafootball fans today. As well as i knew i had to keep it simple, intelligent and interesting, i also knew i have to be up to date. It's like i'm under so much pressure to keep it real. Like they say "KISS" Keep it simple stupid. Or is it Keep it simply sexy?
Honestly speaking, i never envisaged the acceptance i am seeing now.
All in all i am enjoying my knew challenge.The challenge of being the admin of a site that promises to be an online craze.
If he pass my power i go ever seek help!
The real challenge however is the challenge of originality.That is however why i believe it can be done. For if there is anything i know how to do, it's to be original.

Some issues don't just get the the desired attention. So i decided i was going to start a quiz.Its quit a difficult one though.But you go blame me?How else i'm i supposed to let my forum members know i shouldn't be taken for a football novice.I must show stuff now , how you see am?
Catah ya in the 'morrow.

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