Friday, February 22, 2008

Again Berti Vogts Resigns From His Job

Berti Vogts the coach who lead Nigeria to her worst African Nations Cup in recent times is said to have left his job. According to an interview with the tactician on Complete Sports website, the man
the man left blaming his departure on the NFA chairman LULU sighting loss of faith and can no longer work together.

However, he did not fail to express his lack of insight of the game of football when he said “The country expects the title win - without yielding a goal,”.
How on earth can a coach spill out such an insult? I expected him to shamelessly run away from the public glare but waiting around to make such an inciting statement only shows the man lacks everything it takes to be a coach.

A coach doesn't go making unguided utterances after leaving his job. Mourhino left and we haven't heard any such insults on Chelsea despite all the friction that existed between him and Roman Abromovich.

Imagine coaches like Arsene Wenger, Sir Alex ans so on coming out in the press in this manner. It is almost impossible. Those are coaches who are not just good but professional.

Yes strikers are expected to produce goals but i am also aware that a coach can make his players achieve anything. Examples are abound on this. While a coach expects his players to score, he also have to put in place the right game place that will show how this goal is expected to be achieved.

You don't just say go and score but the technique and how must be worked on. Good coaches read opposing teams and plan how to eek out goals from the most difficult situation. Except one never watched the super Eagles, you can not fail to see how directionless Mr Vogts was in all the games.
For the second time Berti Vogts resigns from a coaching job. Is he the only one? Why does he always resign from his job? First it was Scotland now Nigeria.

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