Friday, February 01, 2008

Domain Registration

Someone called me yesterday wanting to register a domain name. After five minutes on phone with this fellow, I realized most netpreneurs are yet to have a full grasp of the line of business they have ventured into.

The business of web hosting and domain registration usually comes together and people who plan to go into it should try to find out about the business before they go into it.

If you visit a real domain registration website like, most of this information is well spelt out there on the site. You can get the information you’ll usually pay for free on this website.

I have been involved in this web hosting business for quite some time now and with I have always had my web hosting issues taken care of promptly especially when it comes to Cpanel web hosting for Africans and Nigerians in particular. Their services are usually concluded within 30 minutes and I will love to say this is the best web hosting company in Nigeria (Maybe Africa).However if you are a domain merchant, or you are interested in registering domain names for parking in order to make cash, or you are interested in domain registration for sale in future, you will need to go to companies who will offer you an account where you can manage all your domains from one single control panel.

Since your aim is to make profit, you’ll also need a company with low rates and fast support.

Some people think that owning a website is just buying a domain name they are done. That’s not true. After owning a domain name, you’ll need web hosting and then get you site designed and hosted on this server. Then and only then you can claim to own a website.


Managed Dedicated Servers said...

This is a very interesting article. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hey....You have provided very nice information about webhosting....well job....keep it up....

100 domain registration tips said...

Yes, I have owned over 200 domains and you can see that a
good domain
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my favorite registar is, they offer very low cost domain registration service and and a lot
of free things together with domain names

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