Saturday, February 16, 2008

Let's Move from Ghana To Old Trafford

It;s been a while since i last posted on this blog. I hope guys didn't get too disappointed haven stayed off blogging fot 1, 2, 3, 4 days. Whoop! I couldn't believe it my self. I guess the Valentine wind blew hard and refused to move on from my domain. I had a swell time though. But now i'm back and as usual to talk about all that's been going on in the past couple of days.

Much has gone on in the NFA and Berti Vogts seems to be on the winning end. The Nigerian Football Association has never disappointed me as they usually take the line of action I expect them to take: a foolish one.

Last i heard was that Mr. Vogts has gone to FIFA to fight his impending sack and i am not against this but only against the fact that a country like Nigeria could have been cowed into signing such a tight end contract with the German tactician(If you call him that).

It's been all NFA. Question here is, is it still necessary to sack this man? If so can we afford to pay the alleged $1.5 million? Is that a good investment for us? It is really annoying, embarrassing and an insult to note that the same NFA who cry out all the time for paucity of fund have pushed themselves into this kind of trap. I am aware Nigeria wasn't too desperate for Vogts. To have signed such a contract depicts us as a country of fools. Well we can limit that to the people in the Glass House.

Still on the home front, our mediocre local teams Eyimba, Gombe and co will be out on the continental games and from indications so far, we are set for another shameful run. Not trying to be a prophet of doom. Just stating the obvious.

Today the most important thing in the world of football will be staged at Old Trafford and all eyes will be focused there from the blast of the whistle.

Manchester United will be looking to revenge their defeat by Arsenal in the FA Cup Final about 4 seasons ago. Arsenal is much depleted for injury. However both teams may field a relatively weak team but i suspect both Managers are just trying to out smart each other. So let's braze up for an explosive encounter. In essence, enjoy your selves and hope the NFA gets it right. They are saddled with vogts and he is proving to be a big Lumb to vomit.

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