Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Eagles Failed For Lack Of Good Leadership

There has to be a real leader firgure for any team to move forward.
this can either be the coach, or a player.
In the case of the Eagles, apart from poor coaching and all that, the team really needed someone on the pitch who can spur them on when the goings get though.
I can't believe any less. This as correct as the situation is. I have always said that every team who will win something always have someone who takes the responsibility on himself when the cheaps are down. Cases of these are abundant.
Barca did a brace- Ronaldinho was there. Ac Milan did it last year- They had a Kaka who was outstanding. Man U did it last year- they had a C. Ronaldo who was outstanding. When Chelsea did it back to back . There was Drogba and Lampard
Look very well, any team who dosen't have at least one outstanding player usually find it difficult.There must always be a real leader within the team.
When italy lifted the world cup in germany- Cannavaro's contribution was invaluable
The Super Eagles had that In Kanu but unfortunately, just like it happened in Japan/Korea he got injured from the first game and that was the end of the team.Pity, Pity.

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