Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Duper Semi Final For Ghana 2008

The super Eagles got eliminated in the quarter Final Stages of the current AFCON by a not just impressive Ghanaian team but technically sound as well. Just a few overly optimistic fans of the Eagles were disappointed. My last post which previewed the game clearly stated my lack of trust in the ability of the current Eagles especially in that of the technical crew.

Every football novice saw how Vogts’ inefficiency, cluelessness and lack of current football techniques sent the super Eagles to an early exit from the Nations Cup.

We are still licking our wounds and pondering at what should be the way forward for Nigerian football.

Should Vogts be sacked or not? Maybe I will let this be for now? We’ll wait and hear from the Nigerian Football Association. Knowing them for what there are, I expect a rash and definitely senseless decision to be taken soon.

Super Eagles have failed to progress and it seems to me that gone are the days when one could proudly say that a Nations Cup without Nigeria is like the World Cup without Brazil. It’s now more like a Nations Cup with Cameroon and Egypt is all that matters. These two have proven to be the most consistent teams in Africa in the past 18 to 20 years.

Cameroon has always found a way of getting to the semis. Right now the championship is turning out to be the best in history. All four teams left have won the cup for at least twice in the past and within them, they have won the title for 16 times. That is an average four times each. From this stage we can all expect the best of African football. Cameroon Vs Ghana, Egypt Vs Ivory Coast; this will not come as a surprise to any ardent follower of African football. It is what I call a super Duper semi final.

Back home in Nigeria, we will stay glued to our TV sets to enjoy what promises to be the most exciting semi finals in the history of the game in Africa.

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