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Liverpool Vs Arsenal- Who Goes Through?

The Arsenal Vs Liverpool game played yesterday has sparked a lot of debate on the fans forum today._44535239_rafa_getty203

Read one post and my reply i will like to share with you:

Haven't been here for quite a while, so didnt join this debate from the begining and therfore wont really join now before everyone says that i am commenting with the benefit of hindsight. Just want to reply Emmanuel and his prediction of 2-0 win for Arsenal against Liverpool - IN A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MATCH FOR THAT MATTER!!!. I know many people think it doesnt matter whether it is Premier league or champions league, but that is where they show their lack of understanding of the game of football in Europe. There are teams that have Champions league in their DNA and have developed the ability to raise their game when is is a CL match. In England, Liverpool is the ONLY club that can do that! Sir Alex would give anything to be able to guarantee the way Liverpool can almost do, that on CL night, they will do the business. Witness last night, the promptness of the reply they gave Arsenal's goal - 3 minutes to get the equaliser! The problem with Arsenal is that they are finally realising on the back of 5 straight horrible league results, that small boys alone, cannot win much! Arsenal should put some starch into their team, by buying experience where it is needed! Arsenal should also develop loyalty towards people who have served and can still serve the club, and not reduce every thing to money levels- cash in while we can!. I still believe that if Viera had been in the club in 2006, they would have beaten Barcelona, because he would have taken charge, even with all that happened. Every team needs a talisman player or 2 to lift them up when the going gets tough in a match. Liverpool has Gerrard & Carragher, ManU has Ronaldo, Rooney, Scholes, Giggs and before them Keane, Real has Raul, and before him Hierro, Milan has Maldini and Kaka and before them Il Capitano himself, Baresi, but who do Arsenal & Chelsea really have now? Arsenal had Tony Adams and Vierra and it was during their time that Wenger won all that he won! As for Chelsea, we know that their own talisman was Mourinho and before him was Zola. Right now, there's no leader on the field, and dont even mention John Terry!

In any case, its almost becoming clear that the CL final this year would be between English clubs. Man U will not lose to Roma in Old Trafford, and will most likely face Barca in the semi-final. It is theirs to lose over 2 legs. I can assure you that if it were Liverpool facing Barca, you can write them down for final, but with Man U, i dont understand them. Teams like Barca or spanish teams have always proved a problem, so Man U fans will need to quiver with fear small! Arsenal will have an uphill task to get the needed result in Anfield, and on current form and midset, they are unlikely to do it! They expended all their energy getting past Milan, and as i said at the begining of the season on this forum, Arsenal have to prioritise their goals at the begining of each season and decide which trophy is important and strategise how to win it! The target they set this year (all 4 trophies) was doing pass themself!

I think Liverpool and Man U will play CL final and at that stage, all bets are off!

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My Reply Below:

Hello @ chocho1, and welcome back. I bet you assume liverpool came to win the match in Emirate yesterday?

I have also realised Liverpool isn't foolish to under rate Arsenal's capabilities despite the fact that it is dwarfed by Liverpool's own records.

I watched the match without surprise. I think i have come to understand the mind set of these gunners. Agreed they lack experience but i don't think they lack a leader. Gallas has in recent times shown he can lead.

Cesc though young has also shown he can be a talisman in the midfield when needed especially in the big games. Yesterday was one of those days. It looks now that Arsenal are the underdogs for the leg at Anfield but guess what, I still refuse to give it to Liverpool. I think this particular qualification can go to anyone.

For me what Arsenal needed yesterday wasn't leadership or experience whatsoever, we saw a team totally in charge of the game (Granted that it was in Emirates), Liverpool was playing like they were the ones at home and was trying to avoid conceding an away goal.
But that's not true, they were out played. What the Gunners need is just belief and ability to be more creative at the final third.

You will agree with me they should have scored at least 3 goals yesterday. This is something that has been absent in their games recently in the premiership. They have not been creating enough chances. But yesterday they seemed to have found the lost Ark and are back to creating chances which is what really matters if you want to score. As far as this remains, i see no reason why they won't score at Anfield.

Liverpool is a very creative and unpredictable team in Europe and can kill of any team in second. However, they will need to be in play for that to happen and not what we saw yesterday. A lot of people think Liverpool did very well yesterday. But i don't like negative football. It's risky.

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