Saturday, April 12, 2008

Siasia: The Bolton Challenge

Samson Siasia is one coach from Nigeria whose rise to stardom has come somewhat sudden considering the fact that most of his mates (the famous 1994 team) who have also ventured into coaching are yet to get the limelight as much as he has.

How dedication pays! Siasia in my understanding has achieved all that he's achieved today not due to any special assistance from the NFA but by his own personal conviction to succeed and the reason he went all out despite a lingering dearth of resources, provided for his lads and inspired them to WYC final against Argentina in 2005 and would have won but for the referee's controversial penalties awarded the south Americans.

I knew Siasia was destined for great things when despite how glaring it was that the referee's decisions was what denied his team the trophy, he chooses to blame the lack of professionalism of his lads instead.That was the first real sign this man is a professional. I am however not surprised he has continued to rise up the ladder of the big coaches. He knows how to pick his job. He doesn't just take a job because he needs the pay but appraises the situation to know whether he can impact in the status quo.

Whether he finally gets the nod to take Bolton next season or not, the truth remains that, to even be considered is great honor. I have no doubt in my mind Siasia can deliver at Reebok Stadium.

Do you think Siasia can perform at Bolton? Let's here your comments.

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