Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Manchester United's Mission To Roma

Manchester united is today taking on  Roma in one of the champions league quarter final matches. Roma has been previously brutalized by united with a 7-0 defeat at Old Trafford in a previous champions League game.

Roma is currently putting up a strong performance this season in the Seria A and appear to be more consistent this season unlike last season.alex

With some fine performances in the league this season could pose a strong obstacles to united's hope of winning a brace this season. Manchester united on their own have been so inspiring lately despite starting poorly at the beginning of this season that they have closed up on Arsenal previously holding a 6 points lead to now stay at the top with 5 points clear of second place Chelsea while Arsenal's recent poor run of just a win in 6 premiership games has taken them down to third place, a point behind Chelsea. Most bookmakers have already given the game to United especially with Christiano Ronaldo in an incredible form that has seen found the back of the net more than every other player in Europe, united is easily the team to place your money on.

Chelsea may also have a smooth game that may lead to taking advantage of the less skillful and talented Fanerbache side while Arsenal and Liverpool will probably have the most difficult evening with both teams faced with the task of seeing off a too familiar rival. The game in Roma may also turn out not to be as straight forward for united as we all think this might be. Despite the current hostility existing between fans of both teams, there is a chance united could choose to take things too easy and get it wrong. Sir Alex Ferguson has expressed optimism Manchester United will come out victorious and United fans have been urged not to use public transport but private chauffeured transport to avoid anymore deaths.

The game will be very hot as the fans will sure be very hostile today. If united concentrate on their own game rather try to respond to the crowd who will certainly be doing all they can to frustrate them, they could get it right. In all the earlier united can quiet down with their goals the better.


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