Monday, March 03, 2008

Was Everton's Cahill Wrong?

Wonders they say shall never end. They way we think in Africa is probably defective if what happened in the premiership last weekend when Cahill (Everton) scored his first goal since the end of December and chooses to celebrate in a manner he enjoys.

The celebration has since become an issue of press discuss so much so that despite not being penalized by the officials, a section of the press is calling for his head.

Sean Cahill's Elder brother is said to have been jailed in January for for six years in January for grievous bodily harm with intent.

Granted that FIFA tries to stay away from every form of political displays in football and one could justify the penalty on the Egyptian supporting the fighting in Gaza in the just concluded AFCON. To this extent, he had displayed a message that meant only that. But how does the crossing of hands signify a handcuffed hand. It is very ambiguous and the press should give him the benefit of doubt.

Besides, thought it was a free world? Has his action infringed on any body's rights? The English press should spare us some of this unnecessary hype. Cahill is a human being and even what he did was in solidarity with his Sean's case, i think that it's his right to do so.


What's your view on this? Join the debate.

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