Friday, March 07, 2008

English Teams Set To Dominate Europe- When Will FIFA and UEFA Stop This Bias?

So far Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are through to the last eight of the Champions league. We all expect Liverpool to go through and that will make four English teams in the last eight. Imagine one country producing four teams while the rest of Europe will share the remaining four slots.

It only telss us that English football is probably the best, hardest and most difficult. It also shows that the level of competition in English is far higher than in many other European countries.

The reason the world Footballer of the year award will not be given to a player playing in English is just dicrimination.

For about four seasons now, England has continued to dominate other countries in representatiopn at this level of the champions League.

I am definately not a Manchester United fan but i do not believe than Lionel Messi perfomed better to have come ahead of Christiano Ronaldo in the world Player award. Pushing Chritiano Ronaldo and Messi down below messi was the height of dicrimination.

This season we are likely to see and all England Finals. Maybe then, it will become glaring enough to the entire world that English has just been suffering from the Bias of those in UEFA and FIFA.

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Game Gist said...

I quite agree with you Emmanuel,especially on the fact that Christiano Ronaldo was picked for third best behind Messi.
I think all English clubs have really impressed in this season's champions league, and all deserve their last 8 qualification with Liverpool to play Inter on tuesday to complete the quarter final line up.It will not be an altogether bad thing for an all English final

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