Monday, March 17, 2008

Arsenal Vs Liverpool (Champions League Quarter Final Preview-2008)


Among the English quartet that have made it to the quarter final stages of the champions league, only the game between Arsenal and Liverpool seems really worth talking about.

Though bookmakers support Arsenal to win the match, many analysts have questioned such stance especially with the gunners currently at a slowed pace and almost a shadow of themselves in their last two premiership game after the historic victory at San Siro.

The Quarter final fixtures is as follows:

Champions League quarter-final draw:
1 Arsenal v Liverpool
2 AS Roma v Man Utd
3 Schalke 04 v FC Barcelona
4 Fenerbahce v Chelsea

Champions League semi-final draw:
1 Arsenal/Liverpool v Fenerbahce/Chelsea
2 Schalke/Barcelona v AS Roma/Man Utd

Before this draws, Wenger is said to have expressed is desire not to be paired with an English team and many have since interpreted this to mean fear.

I think if you ask Manchester united, they'll also tell you they'd prefer to play against some other team than play Arsenal. The thing is that playing a local team puts one against a team too familiar of your style and thus can be difficult sometimes.

Liverpool being what they are in Europe, more people think they should carry the day. But this is one Champions League game I will prefer not to say anything. The reason is that, Liverpool seems to always have the know how in Europe. But now they will be playing against Arsenal, a team that has already dominated them this season in the league right there at Anfield. Though with Arsenal's current form, anything can happen. From the beginning of this season, I have said the season will be decided by who is hungriest for a title when the chips are down. So whether Liverpool will carry the day or not, it isn't going to be as easily as they found Inter Milan.

My prediction is that, I don't see Liverpool escaping a defeat in the Emirates Stadium. How well they can turn that around in Anfield may be the decider.

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