Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is Martin Jol The Problem With Spurs?

This is the reason why Man U and Arsenal remain a model club fro anybody to emulate. Sacking Jol won't bring the club into winning ways. It takes more than that. We all know that Spurs have got the resources to be in the top four of the premiership. The reason they are not there is entirely the fault of the management. The team except in the last transfer made it a culture to sell out it's best player every year.

Spurs is too much in a hurry to succeed whereas their action in about three seasons now dose not show that they really want to succeed. We can't finish counting how many of their very good upcoming players they have been tempted by the love of money to sell.

New or old ,manager, until there is some stability in the squad, spurs will remain far from being in the top four.
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