Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Real Reason Jose Mourinho Was Sacked!

The game between chelsea and Man U is going to give Abromovich a little bit of what to expect without Mourinho.

Jose must have really been a big pain in Abromovich's neck. Imagine Abromovich throwing 20 million ppound down the drain just to get rid of Mourinho!

I was watching Chelsea TV this morning and I finally came to reality with the real reason why Jose was sacked. Abromovich wants chelsea to start playing attractve football. The type Arsenal and Man U plays that sees a 70,000 and above capacity stadium filled week-in-week-out in order to bring back all the money he has spent on the team in the past three season's amounting to over 250 million pounds. It is understandable that Abromovich is a business man who is in business for profit. The truth is that
even if chelsea wins the champions league, the take home pay can not be up to one tenth the amount Roman has lavished on Chelsea and he knows this. Apart from endorsements, the other very sure way of getting back that money is to get the Stadium filled everytime like Arsenal. Records have it that, chelsea's last two premiership matches were played in almost empty stadium.
Abromovich is said to attribute this to chelsea's style of play which he says is boring. Agreed fans love winning, but they also want to enjoy their money. The truth is this, real Chelsea fans will always go out to watch their team, but only chelsea fans wounldn't fill the seats all the time. The game needs to be attractive enough for non Chelsea fans to come arround and that's how you fill the seats.

For example, chekc out this headline: 'Wenger amazed by Arsenal support, calls for bigger stadium'

Arsenal has just moved into 70,000 seater stadium not yet two season and the manager is already calling for a bigger stadium to accomodate the increasing number of fans.
News also have it that despite the fact Arsenal has not won anything in the past four seasons, the board is about to release an end of year report that is set to make Arsenal the second richest club in the world. Whoof! I think this is what Roman wants. He needs to get back his investment and no one should cause him for that.
Yes, the fans love to win but the club owners love to make money. So it's about having a balance in the two.
On Chelsea TV this morning, a Chelsea fan pointed out that Barcelona was able to win a brace; the Champions league and Spanish League while playing beautiful football. I know that for mourinho, he feels slighted by this as it seems like he's being asked to copy Arsene Wenger.

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