Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home Improvement Firms Make Life Easy

A friend of mine thought of moving to a new home close to a week ago. He's used to having people do everything for him including wash his clothes, clean his home and of course cook for him.

When he got a new job in Abuja some months ago and moved to stay with an uncle pending when he can get his own place, the reality of living alone with no one around to do his dirty jobs began to loom large before him.

He thought he could cope with handling some of the little things like start cleaning his own home when the time comes. But he also had the weakness of loving classy things. Through out our school days even while still living in the hostel, his corner usually has a taste that makes you think you are at home. I mean your father's house. Now no one was going to send maids all the way from Calabar to Abuja to keep him clean and especially fix his new home. He had to do it himself I thought.

Funny enough the rich always have a way around all their problems. Who would have thought that Home Improvement companies could solve such a lazy man's headache? While i was still thinking Adams went online t search for home improvement firms and came across a few.

Everything was handled. According to him, he didn't even have to think but just said what he wanted. they did the thinking. Everything was organized there in the UK and then shiped to Nigeria. How do you describe a firm like Anglina Home Improvement that dose a job including pimp your windows, Kitchen, Garage doors etc.? How easy can life be? Now i see why footballers still live in lush plush homes despite spending all their time on training pitches.

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