Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Real Madrid Insure Cristiano Ronaldo's Legs For €100m

There is a quaint old saying somewhere that you do not miss the water until it is gone. That you regret your loss only when it happens. Well, I know someone who is not going to wait for the loss before making plans. No what-ifs here. And that someone is none other that Spanish millionaire club, Real Madrid. They have acquired their star, and intend to use him. And if a puny knee injury says they won’t get their money’s worth, well, think again.

The Spanish club – which I immensely admire, I might add – has taken out a 100 million pound insurance policy. Against what? Fire? Hail? Accidents? No. For the legs of Cristiano Ronaldo.

They have magnificiently insured themselves against any ugly scenario concerning the Portuguese superstar’s legs and are ready to showcase their masterpiece to the world without fear.

The record-breaking superstar who was formerly a Manchester united totem before his sale to Real Madrid – the record breaking sum is ninety four million pounds, I might add – has been receiving grand and special treatment due to the important role he would play for his new club, and Real Madrid have rapidly insured themselves against any painful loss in the event that their much-pampered star is unable to play.

As we all know, they twenty four year old star recently had a case that might have prompted such measures. He recently had a knee injury that stopped him from playing for sometime, in which period he was quickly bestowed under the care of specially trained doctors who rapidly brought him to tip-top condition. I should say that in the event that such a similar situation occurs, Real is trying to save their head. Good, astute, business-like move.

In case you want to know – or have a nice, cozy trip down memory lane – you would remember that the young Portuguese striker for former club Manchester United was purchased in the summer by the Spanish giants, Real Madrid, during a happy season of big spending. It was also during one of those wild money-throwing parades that they also acquired Kaka, Karim Benzema and Raul Albiol.

These are great players, I must say, but to give honour to whom it is due and in right proportions, I must chip in the fact that Ronaldo’s addition to the club was the most celebrated of the additions, and it would only be logical for Los Merengues to try as much as possible to guard their prized possession and valued investment.

My own personal fears lie in the fact that while C. Ronaldo might be an exceptional player, there exist also stars like Kaka who are worth their mettle. I wonder how Kaka would feel when he hears that bit of news – Ronaldo’s legs insured for that some. Heck, what’s wrong with insuring Kaka’s legs, too.

While I support the move, I suggest that there is a balance so there is no division in the camp.

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