Tuesday, August 04, 2009

AC Milan Wants Fabregas for 35million Euros PLUS Arsene Wenger's new Formation

How does that other saying go? Adding salt to injury? Or making an already bad situation worse? Well, it seems to me that after Arsenal has lost two star players – do I still have to name them? – they are being asked to lose yet another.

Just like asking a man with measles to add elephantiasis to his stockpile of diseases.

As I heard (and as the crow flies) AC Milan are attempting to cause a new depletion to Old Trafford. It seems they are not deterred by the fact that Arsenal has only recently lost two players – Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure – with some people speculating that the sale is a loss Arsene Wenger will live to regret.

I hope in the interest of football that this attempted “deal” does not fall in place as it will leave quite a number of Gunners fans extremely angry.

In one simplified sentence: AC Milan has submitted their bid for Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas. The club president on the Milan side has given his permission for the pursuance of the bid. Yay!

Now the details: Milan wants to make the juicy offer of 35 million euros for the Gunners star midfielder. They are hoping to seal a three year contract with the cool kid, all the while dangling a four million a year bait over the proposed five year deal. The almighty Berlusconi himself has admitted to saying that he is in search of under 23 years old players to enrich his squad. He attests to the fact that Fabregas will be a splendid addition.

Meanwhile, Asene wenger has come into braod light to explain how his team will play for the forthcoming season. Seems he has learnt a thing or two from Barcelona FC. He has revealed that the Gunners will play in the remarkable 4-3-3 formation that Barca have often and tirelessly employed in bringing down formidable football foes.

The fact that Toure and Adebayor have left a chink in the armor notwithstanding, some adjustments have been made to the tactical arrangement to ensure maximum play.

You probably already have noticed the adoption of the new formation in their pre-season play.

As Wenger himself said, “when you play with Arshavin, you are never on your own, when you play with Theo Walcott you are never on your own”. I can almost imagine the old boy beaming with pride.

He emphasized that the amount of output that will be gotten from his strikers will depend on the amount of support they get from the other part of the team.

He explained that the pre-season play will be a form of test run of the new formation as it will enable him strike the tentative balance between the offensive and defensive portions of his reputable squad. He expressed immense satisfaction with the results so far.

I must admit that Arsene Wenger really loves his Gunners and he believes they are the best. Whatever the case, I believe staunch Arsenal fans will stand solidly with their manager’s moves, knowing they are borne out of good will and love.

May the best team win.

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