Monday, August 03, 2009

Chelsea FC Set to Spend 100 million pounds on three top players – Aguero, Ribery and Pirlo.

While all the hustle and bustle has been going on in the past week in Arsenal and Man City’s camp, a friend of mine commented on Chelsea’s seeming dormancy. He wondered what the blues were doing while its neighbours were preparing hot coals for a big showdown.

I, as usual, dispensed with some candid answers. You see, the grand game masters usually wait to watch their opponents’ moves before baring the cards up their sleeves. I believed that was exactly what Chelsea FC was doing – oh, and how right I was.

It has become evident that the blue team is making plans to submit their carefully mapped bids for three players – Frank Ribery (Bayern Munich), Sergio Aguero (Athletico Madrid) and Milan’s Andrea Pirlo. All these were gotten from the Daily Mail.

Chelsea Chairman, Roman Abramovich made these moves just to show that the blues are in no wise resting on their oars to prove their mettle in this coming season. Some believe that the move may have been pre-empted by Captain John Terry’s questions about the Chelsea fate in the coming matches. Technically, this is a form of saying, “We are marching on!!”

Here are the hard facts: manager Carlo Ancelotti is making plans to reel in Andrea Pirlo to the Blues side to hold their midfield tenaciously. And he comes with an estimated fee, too. They are estimating something along the figures of 12 million pounds or more. They want him to join their formidable diamond formation where they are sure of having a tight defence and powerful midfield to boot.

Admittedly (on the Chelsea side) it won’t be easy for the Blues to get player Aguero, as Manchester United are also showing interest in the same player. It is also noted that Sergio Aguero’s present club, Athletico Madrid, have slammed a forty five million – pound fee on their star. Guess further what? Sergio himself has said that for whatever new club he is going to be signed in to, he would be paid a 200,000 pound a week pay. Amazing, isn’t it? As I hear, this has thrown Chelsea off the mark a little. Bad, bad.

That is not all, pals. The formidable blues are making plans to offer a little over forty million pounds to Bayern Munich Star Frank Ribery. They hope the money bait is large enough to draw the star to Stamford bridge. I hope it is, too. Another thing that may work in the blues’ favor is the fact that Frank is nearing his deadline for his transfer. They are hoping that the pressure will make Bayern Munich play right into their arms.

Well, that’s it. The figures are well within the 100 million pound range. The blues are ready to show the football world that they have the cash and are not afraid of spending it. I hope that they get their prized additions as it will add more fire to an already sizzling pre-season preparation in the English leagues.

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