Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not Again?! Arsenal Sells Another Player (Kolo Toure) To Manchester City

I don’t know if you feel as I expect you should feel, but I know this: Manchester City was not making idle threats about their bid to unseat Arsenal from the pinnacle of the Big Four.

As if buying Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor from the Gunners was not enough, they have performed the same, er, magic still on the Gunners. Believe me, they have bought Kolo Toure as well.

It all started this morning when there was news that the Ivorian was heading to Manchester City for a medical, and a few hours later, it was indeed confirmed that the star had been transferred to the Citizens’ side.

It is not quite clear at this moment how much the deal was worth, but I am guessing within the 15-16 million pounds range. That adds another, say, fifteen million to Arsenal’s end of the account after the sale of Emmanuel Adebayor for 25m to the same club – Man City.

Eastlands so far have not spared the cash as it is now believed that their total expenditure on new players has gotten to the gut-wrenching sum of ninety-five million pounds. Make no bones about it, these people mean business!

According to Kolo himself, he feels that this stage in his career is necessary for advancement as he has high hopes and dreams for football. He claimed that he is deeply in love with Arsene Wenger and his band of merry men (I mean, after eight years of sticking together, what else was expected?). In other words, whatever move he is making now is for the best – however you look at it.

He expressed total admiration for the Sheik’s ambition and he shared Mark Hughes’ dream for the club, and he feels that with the other squad members – Carlos Tevez and Adebayor, to mention some – his hopes can actually be actualized.

Someone said that Kolo is one player who does his thing from the heart. Once he is convinced and committed, well, the sky would only be a minor touchstone.

Something more for your reading pleasure: there are some speculation that our recent addition to Man City’s side’s fellow international might also be sold this week. I mean none other than Emmanuel Eboue. Apparently, the deal will take up the figures on Arsenal’s balance sheet for player transfer to an impressive sum of fifty million pounds. Good? Or bad?

Anyway, I believe this is just an interesting move in the favour of the spirit of football. Whether these moves will favour Arsenal, or Manchester City on the other hand will be a factor of time. I know one thing: there is steadily becoming general unease in the camp of Arsenal fans. Maybe Arsene Wenger is proving too inactive for comfort? Or does he have an ace up his sleeve? My curiousity is piqued.

Meanwhile, stakeholders for Arsenal are complaining that Adebayor’s sale to Manchester City was done is blatant error. They would have preferred his sale to “any other club apart from Manchester City.”

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Emmanuel said...

The sale of Kolo Toure no doubt will be heart breaking for Arsenal fans. He is one of the players the fans have fallen in love with over time.

No one will hold any grudge. He has served Arsenal in a manner that very few have. When you consider the fact he came in to take over from player like Keown, and some other Arsenal greats, his quality can not be disputed. 16 million pounds is a lot of money, but Arsene as usual 'Knows'. He has never gotten it wrong in terms of when to let a player leave. After the African Nations Cup, Kolo Toure has never been the same again. But his sale will only make football sense if that cash is plunged back into the team.
If Arsenal Brings in a world class striker and and a combative midfielder, i believe they can challenge for the title considering the quality in the team, especially now that players who were missed for the whole of last season are back.
I know a few will graduate from the youth team, but at the back Vermalean and Djourou seem Arsene's first choice, Gallas senderous will probably have to fight for their places in the team. In all this Arsene Wenger must not anger Fabregas any further by failing to give him a strong midfield partner. 'Arsene Knows'

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