Sunday, July 26, 2009

Arsenal: We want Solomon Kalou to Replace Adebayor

It seems that the Gunners are not looking far in their bid to replace their departed brethren, Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor. In fact, it is so close that it has to be in Chelsea’s backyard.

Our Gunners’ manager, Arsene Wenger obviously wants to get his replacement from across London. And guess who the intending surprise replacement is? None other than star player for the Blues, Solomon Kalou.

Ever since the fateful, and not altogether profitless, sale of their former player, Adebayor, they have been on the look our for a nice and suitable replacement. True, the Ashburton outfit are right now in the market for a striker substitute. It seems their eyes have finally rested on Solomon Kalou.

Funnily enough, they have declared that they won’t waste much cash on any replacement they select.

But according to my source, News of the World, they have finally come to the general consensus that they can get a grab at Solomon Kalou for the price of about seven million pounds. I’ll leave you to decide if that is a whooping sum or not.

The reason for their confidence might not altogether be far-fetched: See, our Ivorian striker’s contract is about to expire (next summer to be exact) and this might have led them to believe that the Blue team might consider that an opportunity to make some quick bucks. Logic!

You see, Chelsea manager has openly declared that he would be glad to have Solomon Kalou on for the next season. In other words, he would be happy for Solomon Kalou to remain on Stamford bridge, but there are speculations that the fact that he has not been offered a renewal of contract may mean that all pending and subsequent offers will be, and probably, are being considered. Solomon Kalou, did you know, is currently earning forty five thousand pounds weekly, and it seems that the Gunners want to butter that bread even more as they seem ready to part with seventy thousand pounds weekly as his compensation if he does join their club.

A “Chelsea Insider” (I call him, or her (though highly unlikely for it to be a she) a little bird) informed an outsider (a reporter, in my once again humble opinion) that Solomon Kalou, although flattered by Arsenal’s interest in him as their striker, is quite happy to be in Chelsea. He declared full commitment to the blues.

Times, change, people change, resolve weakens, and mountains wear off. Even Jesus Christ said something along those lines, He said If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you could say to the mountain, be cast into the sea. Well, it may seem that Kalou is determined to stay with the blues, but I can some handwritings on the wall, although they are a little vague right now. The fact that Chelsea hasn’t come up with a new contract spells various meanings, some of which I would do better to leave to your conscience and intelligence for suitable explanation.

Comments? Excellent.


sportsnews247 said...

He is a great player and his football style is similar to Arsenal he will fit well in Arsenal.

I wonder what Chelsea is going to do with Sheva and Pizaro, they are both great players to me.

Emmanuel said...

Both players will surely leave chelsea.

Kalou, will be a good buy for Arsenal. But the problem is, Arsene dosen't seen interested in Buying any player to me.

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