Saturday, July 25, 2009


It is with an immense feeling of football tension, tingling nerves, and excitement that I bring this juicy piece of news. Who said Action thrillers beat football? Tell that bugger: wrong again!! I am feeling the passion for football right now and I know that in a few, you would join me.

Let me inrroduce one who needs no introduction: Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor, star player and former player for famous club, Arsenal F.C. (the Gunners). In case a bit of news has eluded you so far, from last week counting up to today, the young Togolese is no longer a gunner, but has left to find greener pastures with Manchester city. Arsene Wenger, I heard sold him to the club for twenty-five million pounds, I think. Well, that is beside the point. the fact is that the Togolese now has a new allegiance, and he has openly declared that his new team has all it takes to strip his former club of their enviable position in the Big Four Monopoly.

Kind of reminds me of the movie: Renegade.

He declared easily: That is why I am here. that is exactly why I am in this club, at this time, and at this season. his reasons for his staunch confidence in his newfound love: They have got the players needed for this feat, they also have the squad required, and finally, they have the spirit. We should never forget that: the spirit; very important. The spirit to fight, tenaciously, until they get to the top Four. Hmm. Those are his reasons for signing into Manchester City.
And in the manner of great orators, after taking our hopes up to cloud nine, he confessed that he couldn't assure us (yes, us: the loyal fans and critics) of a position at the higher-ups, but he chipped this in: This club will do everything, fighting tooth-and-nail so in the end, we would all have to applaud. They will fight on the pitch, and try to hold the upper hand, and they hope they can gain the upper hand eventually. Bravo, bravo!!

Our dear beloved forward says that with the quality of players in his new club, and comparing them with the quality he noticed in his former club, he says that he is sure that the Citizens have almost equal, if not better chances of claiming a Champions League title as the Gunners.The forward also felt that having seen the quality of players currently at Eastlands, and comparing them with those at his old club, the Citizens have as much chance as the Gunners of claiming a Champions League place.Meanwhile, Manchester City, we know, prepared for and lost the match against Kazier Chiefs - the one for the Vodacom title - thereby giving the title by default to the Kazier Chiefs. It was a one nil game, and Emmanuel Adebayor featured in the game. Oops!
By the way: City's manager, Mark Hughes, is full of praise and admiration for his newly-acquired player.

Nothing could possible go wrong, or could it.

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