Friday, July 24, 2009

Can Manchester City Break the Big Four Monopoly at Arsenal's Expense?

Wow! The second “Blues Revolution” is here! And Manchester City seems to be riding the waves this time. Guess What? Manchester City seems about to break the Big Four Monopoly!!

Too much money, they say. But in this case, the money (or modestly put, Manchester City’s newfound wealth has earned them the ability to overtake the rest of the Premier League financially. Many of us are enthusiastically shouting “Go, Go!” as we believe that they may take over on the pitch in the next season.

Talk about the Big Four Monopoly: Manchester City is set to bring it all crashing down!! Take the eighty million pound outlay by Mark Hughes, and you can already see Man City buying Aston Villa’s Gareth Barry and adding to their ammo stock Carlos Teves from Manchester United. Whoopee!!

It might seem a general attack; a free for all brawl, but it seems that our nouveau riche club has a primary target: Arsene Wenger and his loyal boys. Yes, Manchester City now has the power to break the Big Four Monopoly in the Premier League. Smashing!

One reason why we have come to this conclusion is Man City’s buying of star player Emmanuel Adebayor from the Gunners last Saturday. Yeah, some Arsenal fans may jubilate that finally, the pain-in-the-ass player who always plays a game of come-get-me with their favorite club is finally rid of, but the basic thing is this: they have been further deprived of their top net-finder since Henry Thierry’s departure to Barca in 2007.

Fans of the Gunners are also becoming nervous as Arsene Wenger has failed to strengthen up front of their team. This has led them to believe that their position on the top Four position is weakly placed, and may soon come crashing down with the wind of change.

We know that Arsenal was recently threatened by the Spurs, but they were unable to follow through due to lack of financial clout, but this newly rich club, thanks to Sheik Mansoor’s cash, won’t have to lose a night’s sleep over this: they can take it head-on. They would never have to complain over squad depth or ability.

I am enjoying myself immensely: I like this. However, I don’t think that writing the Gunner’s off as a non-issue at this point would be considered as football wisdom. Infact, it would reek of folly. Yeah, I know that the Gunners have been down when compared to the other top Three in the last season, and there has been little activity in their transfer market in all four top teams. However, Arsenal should not be written off.

For one: Manchester is considerably weaker that the Gunners’ strength. In fact, all rivals for the fourth place are inherently weaker that Arsenal. Man City may have the stronger set of strikers up front, but they cannot make up for their weak defense as well as their inferior midfield.

One other thing: Arsenal’s team consists of players of high ranking and should therefore be given their due respect.

Bottomline: toppling the Gunners from the Big Four won’t be easy, although I sure would love to see it happen.

What do you feel about this bit of news? Comment, Please.


Anonymous said...

Surely they can, Manchester City have strong striking force, but they still need a defender, and it is difficult to get the right one.

And it is not worry to Arsenal fans only, any of the common top four can fall to fifth.

Emmanuel said...

I do accept that manchester city can break that. But why is everyone looking at Arsenal alone? Besides, don't you think with 200 million pounds and counting, Manchester city should be thinking of winning the title rather than fourth place?

Script Decoder said...

I beleieve that the Citizens can topple Arsenal. They are impressively covering up their flaws with a new squad and they seem ready to take over the world. Look out - here comes the citizens!

Emmanuel said...

I think that whether or not the Citizens will break into the top four depends on how well Huges get it right. In the same vain, Arsenal might be chanllenging for the title and not top four if one quality striker and a defensive midfielder is brought in with the 40 million pounds so far garnered.
So City should aim for the title not fourth place.

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