Friday, July 06, 2007

Man U wins the Tevez Race

After so much ado and many speculations, Man U has quietly snatched what I will term 'one of the most sensational players in the premiership in the past season'. Carlos Tevez single handedly took west Ham away from relegation despite all the controversies around his transfer to West Ham. Many can sometimes do alot as i can not understand why a struggling team like west Ham could even imagine selling off the best player. The mistake spurs have been making all this years before finally learning their lessons. Come next season, we are likely to have another struggling west Ham. I don't see any sense in this transfer.

In the mean time, let's congratulate Sir Alex on this very important coup .

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classybabe said...

Funny enough,i didn't want this transfer to go through but it seems Fergie wants this guy.I dont know it's this summer's transfer that i am least excited about.Fingers crossed he blends into our system well,methinks he is too like Rooney.Maybe because i was hoping for etoo or huntelaar,but at least we know tevez has adapted to teh premiership

Emmanuel E Ekanem said...

Ha! You guys should be fair to others. You mean you still expected Sir Alex to sign eto'o after Nani, Alexander and hagreaves?
Well sir has never been enthusiastic about signing Africans especially now that The African Nations Cup is fast approaching.

classybabe said...

Lol,i really like etoo.I dont blame him but at least he wanted to sign mikel but the boy was seeking for "greener" pastures.Chelsea will miss drogba and essien especially

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