Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Fans Lamentations as Thiery Leaves

On the forum today a fan replies to a forum post on Thiery Henry's departure and Eduador Da Silva's arrival........................

So many years ago Arsene picked Henry from Juve where he was rottening and built him up into the beauty he became. What people forget is that a footballer blossoms under a particular coaching system, club and most importantly--the fans. Thierry instead of going away with some dignity decided to open his mouth-which is becoming rotten again- too wide by hurting our sensibilities. Yes he played champagne football. yes he scored most goals. Yes he did this and all that. But that is history now. For those who might think i am being too harsh I want to say I don’t share all your historical perspectives. I have also been an arsenal fan for over 30 years. We have seen them come and go. Haven’t we? When Ian Wright was leaving our opponents said it was over for arsenal after a glorious period by Graham. But what happened? Our magician reached into his hat and brought out Thierry like a rabbit. The rest up till last week has now become history.

Let me call the attention of gunners to certain facts. How many matches did Henry play last season? How many of the most important matches were not affected by what one gunner called "nameless, mysterious injuries"? The fact is that he lost the arsenal plot that night in Paris against barca. Thereafter he signed a piece of toilet paper he has now flushed down the toilet!

Now Arsene has performed his magic again. Let them call Da Silva a Croat. To me and for football he is Brazilian. His hero is not Henry. It is-wait for it-Romario! As far as I am concerned our biggest loss is not Henry it was Viera. I also fancied Cole now at Portsmouth. So let Henry now blend into the barca team and coaching plans at almost gunner says he might also find himself in Los Angeles, Turkey or UAE 2yrs from now! I bet that will be something. We must remember that the English premiership league is like Hollywood. Others are like Bollywood and Nollywood. You can ask Beckam. While he played in England he was a demi-god. Now he is trying to pick up his broken pieces.

Most gunners knew that Thierry was a terrorist to the young gunners on the Field. He had a way of looking at Adebayor, Van Persie and Fabregas when they made mistakes that was menacing. Today I was glad to read a gunner say that those players can now mature naturally without Thierry’s long shadows. Ronaldo did not mature properly at manure until their former captain left!

So goodbye king Henry. Welcome Da Silva, the king is dead and the king lives as far as i am concerned gunners should not pay attention to our black hot-headed brother Drogba and his comments on Arsenal. They should read what "mr cool" lampard said yesterday. The coming season to me hold very awesome possibilities for us even more than the disastrous 2006/2007.that is why i said it will be a matter for the hungriest.

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