Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cesc Fabregas to Madrid?

Now we do not know what to believe any longer. Today we hear that Fabregas can't do without Arsene. Tomorrow we hear he's asking Arsenal to please listen to the madrid offer. I have also heard Arsene wenger is asking for Robhino as part of the deal.

My comment? I think Wenger will be making a great mistake if he allows such a sensational player like Cesc to leave bearing in mind that he's yet to attain his best and is already making so much waves.

If Fabregas leaves, Arsenal might die the real death. For me I don't think thiery's exit will be as consequencial as a Cesc exit

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classybabe said...

That will be disastrous if fabregas goes and Robinho doesn't come at least,although i don't like the boy but he is a great player

Emmanuel E Ekanem said...

Disastrous is an understatement classybabe

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