Sunday, June 14, 2009

Super Eagles, Don't Make Us Cry!

capt.d7ec80458d244d5c95cd8d8a1ab89c2a.ghana_soccer_african_cup_xth149 This photo brings back memories of the sorrows that the super Eagles fans were subjected to after the eagles got knocked out of the last Africa Nations Cup in Ghana. My prayers are that we should not see this kind of emotional turmoil of our fans again as the world cup approaches. In my mind of minds, i know the Eagles will qualify bearing in mind the caliber of players we have got. But there is a limit to individual expression of natural skills and talent. There always come a time in tournaments of these nature when the game is no longer played on the pitch but on the benches. Question is, when that time comes, will the Eagles bench rise up to the occasion?

The current technical crew will be called to question at this point. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes but once in a while not all the time. When mistakes become repeated, it only shows how inept the culprit is and should deserve every form of rebuke at his/her door steps. However, mistakes can be forgiven if the perpetrator accepts fault and immediately traces his or her steps.

Today we have in Nigeria, a football federation that has got it all wrong from the onset and in desperation have been putting the coach under immense pressure to perform. A coach that we all know has already offered the best he's got! The most honorable thing to do at this time is to come out openly to accept blame for employing Amodu Shuaibu, and hand the job over to Sampson Siasia.

We need a coach Nigerians believe in and will support. Siasia has got the support of the fans and that will make his job easier especially when it comes to dealing with the big players ego. Nigerian football fans have never hidden their preference of Siasia for the Super Eagles job, but the NFF in it's lack of wisdom had opted for Amodu.With that decision gone wrong right before us, the NFF is still playing the ostrich, waiting for the big damage to arrive.

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