Friday, June 26, 2009

Brasil Will Now Play USA In The Final

I droped a note on my friend blog at Gamegist that i probably wouldn't have watched the final of the confederation cup if Brazil didn't make it to the final. I am sure a lot of people wouldn't too. The thing is having watched USA knocked out Spain shattering a 15 straight wins record and 33 games unbeated since 2006, i wasn't too happy because i had dreamt of a Brazil VS Spain Final.

So when at 88 minutes, Brazil and S0uth Africa were still at 0-0 i wasn't really happy.

It is no body'd fault that we have all come to enjoy the way brazil plays the ball. For me, i love to see teams who play that kind of football win games. Just like Barcelona because it promotes the fact that football should be played that way.

I remember an English journalist once wrote he'd prefer Arsenal winning the league if united fails to. According to him, if Chelsea wins the league again, it will give the wrong impression, the best way to play football, is the way Chelsea plays.

Now i really see from his perspective. Thank Good Brazil made it.
As an African, i am expected to side with my South African brothers. But i am more for the panache put into the game than who exactly is playing. Let's see what USA have got to Offehr. From the way they dealt with Spain, it just might be the kind of match I crave.

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