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Eduardo Da Silva's First Post Injury Interview: "I will never watch that Video Again;

He is also dissapointed that till date, he is yet to hear from martin taylor who has failed to call him and apologize.

Eduardo Da Silva, Arsenal"s brazillian Born croatian striker returned to reconing after about a year of a gruesome injury courtesy Martin taylor of Birmingham. He has vowed never to see that video of what happened to him on that faithful day.
As Eduardo finished his lunchtime pizza in a homely North London restaurant, he declared: “I’ve never seen it, I don’t want to.
“I will NEVER watch a film of what happened at Birmingham when I was tackled.
“I never read a newspaper, I never watched a sports news bulletin, I never even logged on to the internet. I didn’t want to know anything about how my injury happened. It was a news blackout.”
Some over-the-top fans even sent death threats to Taylor because the injury to Eduardo was one of the worst ever witnessed.
The Brazil-born hitman, 25, added: “When I was discharged from hospital, I’d lay on my bed at home eating popcorn with my leg up in the air, watching film after film.
“I ate lots of popcorn as I watched a LOT of films — but that incident? No, never. I wasn’t even tempted.”

He added: “When I played against Cardiff in the FA Cup and scored twice the other night after so long out, I felt like I was reborn.
"On February 23 it will be exactly a year since my accident. I have gone through a lot of emotions and a lot of hard work but hearing the fans sing my name at The Emirates was a magical moment.
“Lots of people were talking and I heard someone say I could lose my foot. I wondered what they meant.
“I lay there, I didn’t even try to wriggle my toes, I forgot about the pain, I forgot about everything.
“At that moment, I was so uncertain of the future. I was gripped by fear. I was unsure of what would happen. Medics gave me pain relief, so much pain relief — morphine — that my head went a bit dizzy and I can remember holding on to the arm of our physio very tightly during the journey.
"Within an hour of reaching the hospital I was being prepared for my operation. The surgeon was fantastic, I’m told that he had worked a lot with soldiers who were injured during conflict.
“He put a metal plate in to help repair my fibula. That — and the screws holding it in place — will stay inside my leg for ever.
“The first person I saw when I came round after the surgery was my wife, Andreja. It was so good to see her face and at that precise moment I made a decision that I would be back playing football no matter what happened.
“Motivation to beat the injury came from Andreja, my daughter Lorena, my family and everyone who was helping me get over the injury.”
When Eduardo scored against Cardiff on Monday in the FA Cup game, he ran to the touchline and gave Arsenal fitness coach Tony Colbert a big bearhug.
The player explained: “Tony was there doing all the physical recovery work with me. He played a big part.
“But, in truth, when I scored I wanted to give EVERYONE a big hug. I wanted to hug everyone at Arsenal who had helped me. I wanted to hug the doctors who operated on me, the nurses who looked after me and, of course, all my family.
"It was a long haul back to fitness. After weeks in plaster I encased my ankle in a special plastic boot full of air pillows and even then I had to walk with crutches.
“The hardest part was going to training and seeing the rest of the squad running, laughing and joking, kicking a ball. I had to bide my time.
“I’ll never forget when I kicked a ball again for the first time. I was smiling, I really thought I’d be able to play a full match the following day.
“When I made my first tackle, I wasn’t nervous. I behaved as normal, as if nothing had happened to me.
“The boss Arsene Wenger was of course very good to me. And he was patient. I was never rushed.
“Before I played on Monday, I’d only played two reserve games but Mr Wenger knew I was eager and ready. He waited until five o’clock to tell me I’d be starting the match.
“Many things went through my mind but none of my thoughts were negative. When I walked out through the tunnel, it was the best feeling ever.
“And when I heard the crowd sing my name, it was special. The chants of ‘Eduardo, Eduardo’ meant I was back.”
The Croatian international is not also happy that up till this moment Martin Taylor is yet to call him and apologise.
Eduardo said: “Some friends told me he was saying he’d spoken to me — but he never did. I’ve never met him.
"And someone at Arsenal received an email from him when I played for the reserves at Barnet a short while back and it said he was pleased I was playing again.
“I have received lots of mail from other people. I’ve had around 25,000 emails — from Croatia, Brazil and England — wishing me a speedy recovery and I’ve had letters by the sackful.
"But he’s never sent anything directly to me.”
The Croatian star’s nightmare began last February when his leg and ankle were broken by Taylor’s red-card lunge during a league clash at St Andrew’s.
Taylor, 29, has always maintained he never set out to hurt Eduardo and says he was distraught at what happened.
Eduardo added: “I did not see the tackle coming, so there was no way I could ride the challenge because I was not expecting it. When I was tackled I heard a crack.
“All I can say was that I had the ball under control for what seemed like a long time.
“But I don’t want to talk about the incident. It’s probably best left alone now.”

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