Saturday, November 01, 2008

Arsene Wenger Is the Craziest Coach In The world

Every year fans of this beautiful club are disappointed by Arsene Wenger or is it David Hill Wood? I have stopped to believe that the board always makes cash available for Wenger who will rather prefer not to buy.

I think no coach loves to lose, Arsene Wenger inclusive. Someone is definitely not telling the fans the truth. It is either Wenger is deceiving the fans, or the board is deceiving him._45164917_stoke_arsenal226b

The board keeps telling the world, there is money to spend, but no one is using it, instead Wenger keeps buying crumps from other clubs like William Gallas, Amaury Bischoff and now  Mikael Silverter.

After the exits of Flamini, Gilberto, it was widely expected that Arsene Wenger will bring in capable replacements. Gareth Barry and Xavi Alonso were all hitching to leave their respective clubs but wenger won't move in, instead whiel everyone was told the team was doing fine, we all saw Nasri, Silverter and Bischoff brought in. Silverter a total waste while Bischoff is yet to be dressed 10 games on.

So is it really true that Arsene wenger's team needs no fortification? If the defeat to Hull was because they were underated and the 4-4 draw to spurs was due to lose of concentration, the 2-1 defeat at stokes surely tells the truth. Arsene Wenger must review his transfer policy. It is not too late yet to do something come the January transfer window.

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