Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obinna Nsofor: From Chievo to Inter and now Everton

Obinna Nsofor, after an outstanding performance in Beijing moved to Inter Milan but it seems Jose mourinho will be sending
him staight to Everton on Loan for Now.
This comes as good news for Nigerian Fans who have waited so long to have a player in the big teams in Europe.

But the move is not yet complete, partly because of UK work permit issues.

Obinna Nsofor has moved to Inter Milan from Chievo Verona, but Jose Mourinho's club are considering loaning him to Everton straight away. This signing is what we Nigerians have been praying for. We are tired of looking at Ivory Coast and Ghana and recently Mali parade players in Big European teams. Though he will be going to Everton, i.e. if th deal sails through, he's essentially a property of Inter Milan.

He is yet to meet the standard requirements for a work permit to be given by the UK authorities, so a special hearing will have to convened.

Obinna Nsofor told the BBC after the Olympic final defeat to Argentina that he wanted to move from Chievo, having helped them return to Serie A.

H has his eyes on a Champions League team and that why i think he will certainly accept the Everton offer who are in the Uefa Cup first round.

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