Thursday, August 07, 2008

Christiano Ronaldo: I will remain In Old Trafford

Cristiano Ronaldo has confirmed that he will remain a Manchester United player for "at least one more year".

So all Manchester United fans in Nigeria can now hieve a sigh of rellief as their most prized jewel finally makes up his mind to remian in Old Trafford.

Hear the player:
"I can confirm that next season I will play for Manchester United."
Ferguson, speaking after the club's goalless friendly with Juventus on Wednesday, said he was "pleased" Ronaldo was staying.
And Ferguson gave a revealing insight into how he dealt with the Ronaldo transfer saga, which resulted in two months of frenzied speculation over whether the player would leave.
"I flew to Portugal some weeks ago and we cleared the air and he spoke to some of the players," Ferguson told MUTV.
"The boy has been through a troubled time in terms of the approaches from Spain but once he knew my stance, he then settled down.
I was responsible for all this controversy
Cristiano Ronaldo
"The fans have got to understand; it's very difficult when a young boy is tempted by all this money.
"We can put this to bed now. It's finished and the boy is a Manchester United player and that's the most important thing."
Ronaldo, under contract with United until 2012, is currently recovering from surgery on an ankle injury and is likely to be sidelined until the end of September.
But the Portuguese star used the interview to underline his desire to achieve the heights of last season in which he was the club's top scorer with 42 goals.
"Before rumours emerge saying that I will play against my will, I want to make this clear - whoever says or writes that is lying," Ronaldo told Publico.
"I will play for Manchester with all my heart and soul. I will fight and honour that shirt with the same commitment and dedication as always."
Ronaldo also conceded that he played his part in fuelling the speculation and that he was guilty of fracturing United's relationship with Real Madrid.

"I was responsible for all this controversy," he added.
"I was the one who publicly expressed my desire to go to Real Madrid. I ended up being, even involuntarily, responsible for the poor relationship between the two clubs."
Anyway Ronaldo, i hope you await your own share of the boos just like Adebayor. We knopw he has been through this path of Booing before and came out unscratched.

Can Adebayor handle it?

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tps360 said...

This dude is an idiot..I never liked him and never will like him...

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