Friday, December 28, 2007

Calabar Christmas Carnival 2007 In Pictures

Christmas festival as Usual was a site to behold again most especially, the sight of the former Governor Mr. Donald Duke and his Wife Mrs. Onari Duke set the stage for another interesting action packed Christmas Festival. It was really commendable especially being the inventor of the Calabar Christmas Festival. For how long this will continue, only time will tell. Meanwhile yours truely was there to take pics. I figured i may not be able to represent all the action of the festival in words so opted to bring all the fun to you in pics.

Ramsey Noah Poses for The Master Blaster Band

Ramsey Noah and Rita Dominic(King and Queen of the master Blaster Band)
Directly behind Rita Dominic was Pete Edochie . Behind Ramsey is Sen. Florence Ita Giwa

Passion 4 Band Representing Health Care In Africa

The Calabar Carnival Medical Team In Deliberation

Above is the Winners Of the Carnival show for the past two years.
This year's Winners were Bayside Band (The Ex-governors Band: They were a site to Behold)

This picture depicts the three major Diseases plaguing Africa ( AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria)

Uduak Nta Of YOHEDAP

This the Egyptian Tradition on Display

Some of the festival Clowns

Enoidem Ekoriko Of Female Rights Empowerment Organization (FERO) Having Fun with some of the clowns

This Brings back memories of Colonialism

The KIng And Queen of PAssion 4 Band

Depicting the Joy and Hope Independence Brought to Us


Tony said...

Wow these are very cool. Good quality. And the event was really high profile. Why cant other states emulate this??? Thanks a lot for sharing these pics and I really like your blog

Emmanuel E Ekanem said...

Thanks ony for stopping by and most especially for droping your comment.

See,the is question is
not why don't other states emulate what cross River is doing. First tourism might not work everywhere. For example you can not think of tourism and Aba comes to mind.
dosen't just work that way. Secondly, How many states can macth the level of organiZation? I'm sure most of the prefer not to look like mediocres by trying and ending up with a public show of shame. What I saw yesterday was almost perfect and difficult to find an area why the organizers were wanting. Note that there is now a Carnival comission backed by law whose duty is strictly to ensure the success of the carnival.

Take Abuja for example, despite the media coverage, Nigerians seem not to be too enthiusiastic about it. Who say Nigerians no sabi better thing?

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