Saturday, December 29, 2007

Amos Adamu: Eagles Have no Reason to Fail!

I have a lot of respect for Mr. Amos Adamu. But if baffles me when people start talking not because they actually have something useful to say but because they feel like being heard. Fortunately for them, they are well placed and so the media is at their beck and call. Amos Adamu just is gradually taking over the role of talking about anything and everything from Onigbinde.

I hate to say this. Onigbinde dose so much talking take one may be mislead to think success in football comes through much talk. Recently Amos Adamu, a man who is yet to give us a proper account of COJA spending is also following his footsteps. They seem to think that once they become members of either CAF or FIFA, they automatically are appointed custodians of our football even when they had failed woefully in the same task in the past.

Who said the Eagles have no reason to fail? Champions are never made in a day. If the NFA including Amos Adamu was serious about winning the ANC, then we should have started early enough to prepare. At this moment the NFA is still having rifts with the NFL. So much is going down there and you wonder how a house in crisis can suddenly re-organize for success in Ghana.

Just because Large sums of money (that may not even get to the players) have been released dose not mean everything that was wrong with the eagles is now fixed.
Champions start training to be champions immediately after a tournament. In essence the eagles should have assumed training for this championship two years ago. It is not just how much the players will get in monetary terms. The players state of mind is even more important. If a team don't think like champions, they can't be champions and that doesn't happen overnight.

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