Thursday, December 06, 2007

Arsenal Survived a Scare!

Arsenal are starting to feel the absence of it's midfielders sidelined by injury. Arsenal's strenght is known to be in the midfield, but in the last two games when Cesc, Flamini and Alex hasn't played together, for the first time i saw Arsenal play without midfield control. It was so bad so that rather than play the usual 4-5-1, due to depletion of midfielders Arsene had to play a 4-4-2 starting an Eduardo something is unlikely to do in such critical matches.
Though Newcastle had enough Motivation to come all out and play the way they did, i still think yesterdays result should not be viewed as a bad one for the gunners. A point away from home against a team who's manager's job is at stake was a hard earned 1 point and i refuse to see it as a bad result. I think it is rather a result that shows that even Arsenal are maturing and now able to soak pressure when it comes and not break at the first weight of pressure. That was something Man U did very well last season. Chelsea did that very well three seasons ago and in the Carling cup final last season. The ability to hold on when the pressure comes is part of the attributes of champions. So i will say, let's hail their efforts! Newcastle also ofcourse had a deserved one point. There isn't any better way the points should have been shared. It would have been unfair for either of the teams to have lost. If they can replicate that spirits other games, they definately should be on their way back up.

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