Monday, June 25, 2007

Mikel Obi's Ban Too Harsh?

Yes. I agree that the treatment is harsh. But too harsh? No!It is too harsh to let 150 million Nigerians down instead. Mikel's father has confirmed that Mikel is a sturbbon boy who dose not listen to even his parents. "I told him to always honour National calls".That is the best a father can do for his son. It is okay for him to beg for Mikel's forgiveness but I will prefer that plea comes from Mikel himself to sure that at least there is some remorse after the ugly incidence.Sunday Oliseh tried it and had his national team carrier truncated and ofcourse he has to live with that regtret for the rest of his life. So it is not as if Mikel is the first to suffer this kind of Punishment.Though we know that the FA has it's faults, blatantly refusing to honour national calls is an insult to Nigerians. It is better for a player to tell us he no longer wants to play for Nigeria than play games with our feelings. I would also want to use this opportunity to send the same message to Celestine Babayaro who has refused to honour National calls for years now despite not coming out to tell us that he no longer wants to play for Nigeria. He'd better come out plain and say so. So that he will also live with his conscience.

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