Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tunisia set to Drop points at Maputo; But can super Eagles Beat Kenya?

It has been a while my last ranting and atempting to kill myself on behalf of the NFF and of course our darling super eagles, including Sampson Siasia's Flying Eagles who have just had to fly out of Egypt 2009 window back home.
I have been busy with several other issues like putting finishing touches towards upgrading the website to an online magazine as well as lunch the print version of the site. So much on my hands in the last few weeks as i virtually left the rantings to Imaikop. Good job Imaikop. We'll be hearing more from Imaikop anyway whether or not i am available.

Now to issues more football. My worst fears look like hitting us hard at the camp of the super Eagles. Rumours have it things have gotten so bad that, the Yar'Adua's task force, is so frustrated despite all the force, have resort to ignoring the team as it is looking more and more true 2006 missed opportunity is about to replay in 2010. Again let me just say it again, i will not watch the Super Eagles if they qualify for the world and Amodu gets to be the coach.
Yes, the eagles are likely going to qualify. After watching the Mambas, i have every reason to believe the Cartage Eagles can't possibly leave maputo with maximum three points. I am almost 100% certain of that. My doubt is in wether the Super Eagles can capitalise on this to snatch the ticket. I don't know if we can beat Kenya.

On other matters, Samson Siasia receive an ovation from fans in defeat. That was really commendable as we seem to have matured enough to know when and where not to lay blames. I was impressed but dissapointed with the act of booing the Nigerian national anthem.

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