Monday, October 19, 2009

Are you a Chelsea Fan? Meet peter Cech on Facebook as Chelsea Facebook Page is lunched!

Chelsea fans accross the globe will be glad to hear this one. Chelsea FC is set to leverage on the power of face book to expand it reach and satisfy online followership. With 300 million people currently using facebook, it is the right thing to do especially when you consider that Chelsea has become an international brand.

By lunching it page on facebook, it has beome the first football club in the world to use the new Facebook connect app. Next month peter Cech is set to fill questions from fans all over the world from the club' website and fans will be able to participate in an online live streaming interview session. Cech will try as much as possible to answer every question.
This will be very welcome as fans will have the one on one feel with the Keeper. This interview session with the fans comes up early next month and all you need to do to participate is to add the Chelsea badge to your facebook profile. From there you can post your questions and get it answered by Cech. To get the full details visit,,10268~1830622,00.html .

1 comment:

Imaikop said...

This is a welcome innovation. bringing players more closer to the fans. I know Chelsea is the first to do this. Maybe others will follow

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