Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mikel Obi Stuck with the Blues For another Five Years

This is further good news for all Blues lovers. If you are a fan of the billionaires’ club, or you just love seeing your club scoring points all way round, this might just be another day to smile. Remember Jon Mikel Obi, the Nigerian Pride? Well, he has signed a new five – year deal with our Stamford buddies. He will now join the French player and winger, Florent Malouda. In case it eluded you, Malouda also signed a contract binding him to Chelsea F.C. for another three years. Talk about commitment.

Believe me, nobody’s forcing the young twenty two year old star to put ink to paper, as he was all smiles and good humour as he was announcing to website of the Blues that signing the contract was probably the easiest thing he had done in his life as he was glad to be with the Blues. Yes, he even said that immediately the opportunity came to sign, he grabbed it eagerly after discourse with the club.

He claims that his future with Ancelotti would be a dazzling one – he can foretell that: good! – and that he already has a splendid working relationship with him already. That really is something to desire, if you ask me.
He also had this to say: so far, all the managers who have championed the Blues have had their differences, making changes here and there to the strategies and procedures of the system. He also said that whoever came in as the new manager of the Stamford bridge club would want to make changes to the playing pattern. He also made it clear that it would be very little or infinitesimal changes, nothing drastic, and that the new manager would want to make changes to things like the team’s formation so that they quickly get used to it before the start of the season.
Young Jon Mikel Obi recently featured for the Blues in their friendly against Inter in the Rose Bowl last night. Under the management of Carlos Ancelotti, our recently signed-in Chelsea star is moulding himself back to his optimum sharpness. Might I add, Carlos Ancelotti has already altered the previous tactics of the Blue team, changing it into a four-four-two (4-4-2) formation, giving it a diamond-shaped midfield to boot.
Mikel admitted that getting back to fitness and all is really hard work, but the glory ahead makes it worthwhile. The manager wants them all sharp for the beginning of the season. For that to happen, it obviously goes without saying that they have to train – disregarding the strain and stress it comes along with.
Of course, the new formation also doesn’t affect out Nigerian International. He declares that he has had some experience with it in defensive midfield, so it should not impose some new regimen of learning too many new tricks. But he also agreed that it would make it harder because he would have to cover more ground for his team. Not to fear – Mikel says he is up to the task: he can, and will, do it.

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