Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Drogba Signs with the Blues AGAIN!!

Those fingers that have been nervously and expectantly crossed as to where the fate of our dearly cherished Ivorian, Didier Drogba, lies can now uncross their fingers as all things have now been given better illumination. Finally we can tell you that the Chelsea player still remains a Chelsea Player: he has signed a three year extension contract at his present club, Chelsea FC.

It might bee good news for some, or bad news, depending on which side your bread is buttered, or depending on whether you think Drogba is performing at his best at his present location.

Yes, I know all summer, Drogba’s bearing and future in the Football ring had had a dark and mysterious ring about it, but now it looks as though the Ivorian star is ready to end his career with the billionaires’ club. Seems Stamford bridge is it, then.

Here is something from The Times , the deal has been drawn up for the sum of - wait for this - the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds weekly (120,000). The only thing remaining now is for him to solemnize the deal – sorry for the marriage term, but I think it is fitting – later during this week.

We all know Carlo Ancelotti, the manager. Yes, that’s him – he agreed readily that Drogba himself wanted to stay, and the club was more than happy to have the star on its list of players. Quoting him verbatim: “Drogba is a very Important player for us and we want him to play for Chelsea.”

He also said that the Ivory Coast Player was indispensable because there is no other striker in the world who would be able to do the same things as Didier. Hmm, hear, O hear!

Well, he says that he has spoken with Drogba and that he knows what Drogba wants. This is just to imply that there has not been a breach of contract, I think. Or maybe he is just trying to tell us that he and Drogba have a relationship very much akin to God the Father and the blessed Son.

Frankly, I think Didier Drogba is one fine player, and I am always proud to associate myself with Africa as a result. Well, if he has decided to chart his course with the blues, fine with me (my own personal conviction, not yours). They are not a bad set of people themselves, and I think Drogba himself has proved his mettle in the club in more ways than one.

The fact that he has chosen to continue his tenure and probably end his career with Chelsea might mean that he finds their terms and conditions, remuneration as well as their team spirit and managerial skills well above average and satisfactory enough to endure another three years.

To this I say: Didier, More Power to your Elbow (Or should I say foot?)

Do you think Drogba’s signing with Chelsea again is a wise thing to do? Do you disagree with Drogba’s choice? Maybe you can foretell his career with Chelsea. Any dark signs? Handwritings on the Wall? Feel Free to Drop a Comment.

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